Multiple precision arithmetic BLAS (MBLAS) and LAPACK (MLAPACK)

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Current status (2008/11/27)

Total 75 BLAS routines, all are tested.
Total 679 LAPACK routines, 353 are implemented, 17 are tested, and 8 not to be implemented. (rest are 318) Almost all auxiliary routines are implemented


Now multiple arithmetic calculation is very important in scientific computation. However, there were no library for linear algebra calculation in multiple precision arithmetic. This is the reason that I developed the Multiple precision arithmetic BLAS (MBLAS) and LAPACK (MLAPACK).
The BLAS and LAPACK are widely used FORTRAN77 routines and many optimized implementations are available, like ATLAS and GotoBLAS. Therefore, API of MBLAS and MLAPACK is very similar to BLAS and LAPACK. MLAPACK is a subset of LAPACK, not all routines will be provided. Historically, I developed SDPA-GMP, which is a multiple precision arithmetic version of SemiDefinite programming solver using the GMP library. I choose the GMP because this library is the fastest.





HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! and you must have BLAS/LAPACK if you are NOT using MacOSX.
$ make check


LGPLv3 with original modified BSD license of original authors.

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Nakata Maho, E-mail addresses are: (.Mac) and/or (RIKEN) .
Nakata Maho